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Public transport fares and sales points


We present here some essentials on tickets..
More information, see link..
See tourist's fares summary.

There are quite a few rules and we cannot show them all. Kindly accept our apologies on any discomfort arising from our not being able to give unabridged facts.

Tickets validation duration

  • As of the minute of the purcase
  • Helsinki 60 minutes
  • E.g. Eastern metro accessing lines, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa and Kirkkonummi internal teickets, Kerava-Sipoo teickets, regional ickets and two-zone near-regions tickets, the duration is 80 minutes.
  • Three zoness near regioins the duration is 100 minutes.
  • Tickets purchased from machines shall have10 more minutes extension

See tourist's fares summary.

Single ticket machine

This gives you a tram ticket or one time other ticket for an adult or a child., in Helsinki (1) or Helsinki+Vantaa+Espoo+Kauniainen (2), or a one-day ticket for an adult in Helsinki.

Full-range ticket machine

It gives you a one-time ticket or 1-7 days tickets, for an adult or a child.

Other sales points

Kiosks, some shops, HSL sales points, see the link.

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